Specialising in Cloud

Cloud Development

POP! Connection uses the forefront of technology to innovate and customise applications for tomorrow, specialising in cloud based services and infrastructure for mobile and off premise solutions.


Digital Signage

POP! Box is a cloud-based media system built from the ground up which allows you to digitally deploy all media to any screen which can all be managed centrally.

Custom Software

Every business has unique requirements. This is where custom software development can offer unique functionality that drives business success; provides a competitive edge or delivers organisational-wide cost savings.


About Us

Started in 2012, POP! Connection aims to take the continued advances in web-based capability and adapt these to business applications in the area of media content delivery. POP! Connection represents a culmination of years of experience within the Australian corporate landscape developing content-based software for major Australian companies and a keen understanding of business needs and the procurement of solutions to match these needs.

The result is a wholly Australian-owned company specialising in cloud-based technology products and services designed to service the needs of progressive companies wanting to positively influence the buying decisions of customers at the point-of-purchase (POP). Our suite of products take your marketing efforts focussed at a consumer’s point of purchase behaviours and support your endeavours through the employment of a cost effective, optimised, cloud-based content management system via a single user interface.

The receptiveness of current, traditional advertising mediums are today more than ever diluted by the mass of messaging to which consumers are exposed. Coupled with a solid pull-based marketing campaign drawing consumers to the point of purchase, POP! Connection’s products offer a simple to use yet progressive technology platform aimed at maximising a client’s speed to market for the distribution of purchase point POS through a simple cloud-based, single user interface platform through the media of images, video and audio.

Why Choose POP! Box?

  • Full 1080p High Definition Output.
  • Wireless Connectivity.
  • Plug And Play Functionality.
  • Cloud Based Control.
  • Green Energy 3w Power Consumption.


POP! Box

Manage your videos at the point of influence through the POP! Box cloud-based platform where you’re able to manage, schedule and alter selected content immediately online via a single or multi-user web login with the content being stored and received by the POP! Box receiver.

At only 90mm x 15mm x 30mm this micro computer receiver can be easily affixed to any monitor with a composite or HDMI input and is easily installed. It’s as simple as plugging and playing!

POP! Box, once configured to securely access a local network or 3G/4G/LTE wireless network is ready to then receive your content from the cloud-based infrastructure and deliver your content where you want it, and more importantly when you want it.

POP! Box includes, amongst a range of many others, some key benefits to support your requirements. Contact us and lets chat about your affordable solution.

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